Climbing Basics

Getting started is always the hardest part. Luckily, LCA makes sure that those who are new to the sport learn how fun, accessible, and rewarding climbing can be!


Ages 14+

Our Belay class is a great jump-starter training session to get you on those currently inaccessible routes and to boost your fundamental skills confidence. Learn the basics of knot tying and top rope belaying from our certified Climbing Wall Instructors in no time at all. Ask about our Love member discount!


Ages 14+

Master the fundamentals of climbing and save months of struggle and frustration. Pro tip: it’s not all about the arms! Join our certified Climbing Wall Instructors and improve footwork, handwork and body movement to advance your climbing skills quickly. Great for first-timers and climbers in a slump.


Ages 14+

Bouldering is an attractive aspect of climbing, but comes with a steep learning curve. We’ll guide you through beginning stages with effective movement techniques, and provide expert tips and tricks. More importantly, you’ll learn bouldering safety, falling technique, and how to utilize the bouldering area properly. 

Lead Climbing

Ages 14+

Tired of top-roping? Then it’s time to become a leader! This class covers all of the skills you need to lead climb in a gym setting. Our certified Climbing Wall Instructors teach you what it means to be “on the sharp end of the rope” and advance your progress and overall climbing abilities. 

Go Out And Triumph

If you’re looking to go a step farther with your climbing, whether recreationally or competitively, LCA has the perfect program for every climber. We offer beginner-to-advanced training programs ranging from one-to-ten months for all ages.


This 4-week climbing educational program delivers a fun, non-competitive atmosphere for beginner climbers just learning the ropes. Our instructors will teach proper equipment operation, climbing technique and standard safety guidelines.


Our 12-week G.O.A.T. Recreation Program develops your technical climbing techniques with our advanced trainers in a challenging, skill-building climbing course. We will build your strength and technique, and enable you to enjoy climbing to its fullest.


Our GOAT Competitive team is for highly motivated climbers only! We focus on hard work, strength, flexibility, and advanced climbing strategies to help you succeed at the next level; and prepare you to compete in local and the USAC competitions.

Higher Training

Climb to new heights. LCA offers advanced courses and personalized training options to gain momentum for your journey. You will come face-to-face with challenging plateaus and roadblocks, and you’re not alone! We’ve been through it before; which is why LCA instructors don’t avoid them, but teach our climbers how to manage challenges with advanced training.

Skills & Strategy

Ages 18+

This course provides new insights into climbing techniques, movements, and physical and mental training; all while allowing you to simply enjoy the sport of climbing with a group of like-minded individuals. Space in each session intentionally limited so that our certified climbing instructors can tailor the program to better suit your individual needs.

Mountain Mentors

All Ages

Let LCA help you achieve your individual climbing goals! If you want to learn something we don’t already offer, or would like more one-on-one personal training in a specific skill, this is the perfect option for you. Examples of skills you can work on with a Personal Trainer include: Training for Climbing, Technique, Movement, Rappelling, Ascending, Indoor Lead Climbing and Sport Climbing.

Master the basics with LCA’s Fundamentals Class Pack and save.